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19:22:24title= Alphaville - Forever young.mid
19:20:53Germany Los Bravos - Black Is Black 1.mid
19:20:21Spain Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire 2.mid
19:20:02Netherlands Polka & Marsch Muziek Medley`s Tirol - Bergparty Medley Medley.mid
19:18:34Netherlands Duitse Schlagers & Dans Muziek - Schunkel Party Nr 1 Medley.mid
19:17:39title= Michael Jackson - Billie Jean.mid
19:17:00Germany Jurgen Marcus - Eine Neue Liebe Ist Wie Ein Neues Leben 2.mid
19:16:20Netherlands CLASSICAL German - Duet (Joy Brook).mid
19:15:37Germany Kaoma - Lambada 1.mid
19:14:05Netherlands Diverse FilmmuziekDiversen - 76 Trombones.mid
19:13:13Germany Kaoma - Lambada 1.mid
19:12:45title= Alphaville - Forever young.mid
19:11:39title= Bobby Brown - My Perogative.mid
19:10:53Germany Die Flippers - Santo Domingo 1.mid
19:10:37title= Vince Gill - Look At Us 2.mid
19:09:57title= Los Bravos - Black Is Black 1.mid
19:09:35title= Vince Gill - Look At Us 1.mid
19:09:11Netherlands Palemiger Spatzen - `T Is Weer Harmonikatijd 2.mid
19:07:31Netherlands Palemiger Spatzen - `T Is Weer Harmonikatijd 1.mid
19:07:27Denmark The Beatles - This Boy.mid
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